Countdown to 3rd April

Ministry of Lands in conjunction with Government Digital Payments are doing Sensitization attaining to members of Law Society of Kenya (LSK) all day today at a Nairobi Hotel.

The lawyers are being sensitized on the new system which has necessitated the closure of both the Nairobi and Central Registries to enable the Ministry to clean-up and validate Data

The lawyers are a major stakeholder in the Lands sector and will be whitelisted to have access to Land Information Management System (LIMS) hence the import of today’s meeting.


City Leaders Meeting

Nairobi MPs are currently in an important meeting with Lands CS, Ms. Farida Karoney at Ardhi Hse to review progress on the ongoing Titling program in the Nairobi City County.

The meeting is looking into ways of fast-tracking the ambitious program whose aim is to empower land owners in the City.


LSK meets CS Karoney

New LSK President, Allen Gichuhi paid Lands CS, Ms. Farida Karoney a courtesy call in her office Friday where the two discussed matters of common interest.

In his remarks, the incoming LSK boss said he looked forward to strengthening LSK working relations with the lands Ministry with a view of improving engagement leading to agreed practice rules for conveyancing matters.

He said this will help to maintain uniform standards and consequently improve service delivery across the country.

Mr. Gichuhi praised the ongoing digitization exercise of land records in the ministry saying it would help to seal loopholes that cartels use to defraud innocent Kenyans of their land.

In her remarks, the Lands CS emphasized that digitization of land records was a key requirement by the Government and a necessary process geared towards improving service delivery to Kenyans.

Ms. Karoney said the ongoing digitization of both Nairobi and Central registries involves verification and validation of land documents.

The CAS, Hon. Gideon Mung’aro, PS Dr. Nicholas Muraguri and LSK member, Mr. Charles Wamae were also present during the courtesy call.


Temporary clousure of Nairobi and Central Registries(at Ardhi House) for preparation of on-line services

The Ministry of Lands is entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating efficient land administration and management, whose key objectives are:

  1. To formulate and coordinate implementation of policies and legal framework for sustainable land management,
  2. To ensure efficient and effective administration and management of land resources;

To realize these objectives the Ministry has completed the re-engineering of business processes through an online System dubbed LIMS (Lands Information Management System) with a view of reducing the turn-around time on Service delivery.

To achieve a fully digitized environment, the Ministry requires to ensure that all the records are scanned and that the data is clean in preparation for online services. This exercise will begin in Nairobi and will be cascaded to all other Registries across the country.

Both Nairobi and Central Registries including Records Registry and the Banking Hall will therefore be closed to the Public for 10 working days from Monday 19th March 2018 to Friday 30th March 2018. Normal Business shall resume on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

During this period, all services offered at these registries will NOT be available at Ardhi House-Nairobi. However, all other Registries will remain open.

Upon resumption of Services on 3rd April 2018, there will be no more manual processing of documents.

The following Services will be available online through the Government Service Portal.

  1. Transfer of Ownership (transfer of Lease and transfer of Land)
  2. Issuance of Consent (for transfer, charge, further charge)
  3. Valuation requests – this will be created automatically upon application for transfer of ownership
  4. Payment and Issuance of Land Rent Clearance Certificate
  5. All payments (Payment of Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Consent Fees)
  6. Application and withdrawal of Caution/Caveats/Restrictions
  7. Registration of Land Documents
  8. Searches (Nairobi and Central Registries)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you,

Dr. Nicholas Muraguri

Principal Secretary

18th March 2018


Renewal of leases


Business report 2018

The ministry of land and physical planning has brought up the need for quality land administration through online registration of property.

This majored on reduction of days to transfer property between two local companies, cost to transfer property as % of property value and steps to transfer property so that it can be sold or used as collateral.

This process is meant to abolish manual procedures for services that can be obtained online, publicize the system and make it mandatory for citizens to use the online system.

The ministry intends to improve on achieving electronic database, transparency of information, geographic coverage, land dispute resolution and equal access tom property rights.


Establishment of Land Banks

The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning in conjunction with the National Land Commission has established a committee with terms and references to establish a land bank.

”Establishing a Land Bank will support the Big Four agenda of the Government in the next five years,” Says Lands and Physical Planning CS, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi.

Prof. Kaimenyi spoke during a joint meeting with the National Land Commission at Ardhi House in Nairobi.

He said that Land Banking is not a familiar concept to land administrators and managers of public land whether at national or county level.

“In the National Land Policy (Session paper 3 of 1999) land banking is a process by which the government will be able to hold known geo-referenced pieces of land for access by investors and government projects.

He added that creating land banks from the government requires prudent land administration and management measures with institutions legally mandated at county and national level, to effectively manage an allocated public land.

Land banking is expected to be a huge government project that will deliver land for investments.

Prof. Kaimenyi said he will involve the Cabinet to direct on policy and legal framework to guide the process of acquiring land considering that purchased land may have to be released to investors at attractive rates.

“The land bank will act as a one stop shop for various investors both local and foreign.” He said.

Land banks are quasi-governmental entities created by counties or municipalities to effectively manage and repurpose an inventory of underutilized, abandoned or foreclosed property.

They are often chartered to have powers that allow them to accomplish these goals in ways that existing governments agencies cannot.

Present during the meeting was, Lands PS Dr.Nicholas Muraguri and NLC Chair Prof. Muhammad Swazuri, among others.


Digitization of all Registries, Nairobi, Thursday 21st Sept 2017

The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning has made yet another major step towards digitization in the automation of registration of document processes in its Registries.

In the last two years, the Ministry has embarked on the digitization of all Registries in the Country, so far 14 Registries have been completed while another 5 are currently ongoing out of a total of 58 Registries which are expected to be done by the end of next year.

In line with the Ministry’s objective of improving service delivery to the Citizen, the Ministry engaged the services of Government Digital Payments (GDP) to on-board Services on the eCitizen Portal in order to achieve the Government’s desire to have all Government Services provided online. So far the Ministry has put two Services online; Land Rent (Query and Payment) and Land Searches (for the digitized Registries only).

Towards the journey of a complete paperless Ministry, the Lands PS, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri officiated the signing of an MOU between the Ministry and GDP, who are tasked with the responsibility of digitizing all Government Revenue through the eCitizen Portal. This will enable GDP to further facilitate the Ministry with a front-end application portal for use by Citizens in making Applications and Payments and a back-office processing system for the officers to verify, validate and approve those applications.

“This is a departure from the cumbersome manual processing which has been practiced at the Ministry for over 100 years and which has not only been lengthy and time consuming but has also inconvenienced Citizens when manual files are declared missing”, said Dr. Muraguri.

“This is a paradigm shift of great proportions and will improve the operations at the Ministry as well as improving the ease of doing business”, emphasized the lands PS.

Among the services targeted for online registration are; Transfer of Land, Transfer of Lease, Registration of Lase, Charge/Discharge and Subdivision.

The System will go live on 25th of September 2017 at the Nairobi Registry after which other Registries will follow progressively as the digitized data is verified and uploaded into the system.

GDP has been involved in digitizing client facing applications in other Ministerial Departments and Agencies (MDA), such as NTSA, Immigration Department, Business Registration Services, Department of Criminal Investigations as well as Mombasa, Nyeri and Kisumu Counties among others. In those MDAs, great achievements in service delivery through improved customer experience have been realized and Government Revenue greatly. This has also improved accountability and credibility of service delivery as the Citizens are able to trace the progress of their applications in real time.

Over the years, the services offered by the Ministry have been plagued with many challenges that will be addressed by automation as the Ministry continues to strive to improve its service delivery by completing the digitization of all Registries and on-boarding more services on the portal in its desire to eliminate fraud and improving accountability.

GDP Coordinator for Lands, Mr. Nick Wambugu signed the MOU for GDP. The ceremony was witnessed by a GDP Director, Mr. Joseph Mutai, Acting Lands Secretary, Mrs. Esther Ogega and the head of ICT at the Ministry Mr. Eric Mugo.

Joseph K. Mwangi

Head/Public Communications


Ease of doing business at Sarova Panafric Hotel

A consultative meeting took place at Panafric Hotel on 2nd March, 2018 to chart ways of simplifying land registration processes in Kenya.

In her remarks, Lands CS, Ms Farida Karoney has called for speedy digitization of all land transactions in order to help lawyers/advocated to serve their clients better.

Participants in the daylong meeting include lawyers, bankers, property developers and top ministry officials.


Ease of doing Business

Lands CS, Ms Farida Karoney and MoICT CS, Mr.Joe Mucheru were both at Ardhi house Monday for a critical meeting on e-Citizen operations Vis-a-vis Ease of doing business in the Land sector.

The meeting which was chaired by the Lands CS sought to establish ways of Digitizing the National Lands Management Information System. (NLIMS).

The ICT CS said he would provide support and collaborate with the ICT department in the Ministry of Lands to assist to enhance the entire process.

In attendance was also the Lands CAS, Mr. Gideon Mung’aro and the Lands PS, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri.


New Lands CS Ms. Farida Karoney during her maiden tour of Ardhi House.

New Lands CS Ms. Farida Karoney  during her maiden tour of Ardhi House. (2)New lands CS, Ms Farida Karoney has made an extensive tour of Ardhi house Wednesday to familiarize herself with the various operations at the lands Ministry headquarters.

During the tour, the lands CS interacted with both members of staff and members of the Public. She said that there was an urgent need to digitize all land documents in order to improve service delivery and to also minimize cases of fraud.

Ms Karoney was conducted on the tour by top Ministry officials led by lands PS, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri. The lands CS was accompanied by the newly appointed CAS in the Ministry, Hon. Gideon Mung’aro

The new lands CS urged members of the public to report any cases of unethical behavior on the part of Ministry staff to her or other top officials in the Ministry.


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