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The Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development was established in May 2014, through Executive Order No. 2/2014 following the inauguration of the new government that collapsed the hitherto 44 ministries into 18, in accordance with Constitution of Kenya, 2010.
In the new structure, ministries that previously existed as single entities were merged to form super ministries, some with bigger responsibilities. Thus the five erstwhile ministries of Land, Housing, Urban Development and Nairobi Metropolitan Development, were joined together to form the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development.
The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of providing policy direction and coordinating all matters related to lands, housing and urban development.

  • Our Vision: "Excellence in Land Management for sustainable Development of Kenya"
  • Our Mission:To facilitate improvement of livelihood of Kenyans through effecient administration, equitable access, secure tenure and sustainable management of the land resource.
Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development