Community Land CLA forms

  1. Application For Recognition Of Interest/ Claim On Community Land FORM CLA 1
  2. Notification of Change in Composition of community Land Management Committee FORM CLA 2
  3. Application for Registration of a Community FORM CLA 3
  4. Certificate of Registration FORM CLA 4
  5. Register Of Communities FORM CLA 5
  6. Inventory Form For Unregistered Community Land FORM CLA 6
  7. Notice Intention To Survey, Demarcate And Register Community Land FORM CLA 7
  8. Application For Recognition And Adjudication Of Claimon Community Land FORM CLA 8
  9. Application for Customary Right of Occupancy FORM CLA 9
  10. Certificate Of Customary Right Of Use And Occupancy FORM CLA 10
  11. Dispute Registration Form FORM CLA 11
  12. Disputes Register FORM CLA 12

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