CS Karoney: Landowners key in effective deployment of Ardhisasa

Lands CS Farida Karoney

Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney has underscored the key role played by landowners in the effective deployment of the Ardhisasa land management system.

In her remarks during a meeting with Ministry’s Heads of Department at the National Geospatial Data Centre (NGDC) in Ruaraka on Friday, CS Karoney instructed Ministry staff to assist landowners to complete their transactions on the platform, and guide those whose properties are not in the system through the process of uploading and verification.

“Landowners play a critical role in the effective deployment of the National Land Information Management System, and it is incumbent upon us to help them navigate the system and ensure they complete their transactions,” stated CS Karoney.

The Cabinet Secretary attributed the unavailability of some properties on the platform to gaps in data, though stating that a special team is available to assist landowners with the verification process.

“Ardhisasa was developed with strict security protocols to ensure only data that is valid and complete, and whose integrity we can vouch for, is ingested into the system. Therefore, any property that has discrepancies in its documentation is currently not available for transaction.

“However, landowners whose properties are not in the system should not panic; we have a robust team of customer care agents who are available 24 hours a day to guide you through the process of uploading your property, and a special team that will help you verify the authenticity of your property.

“I would like to request landowners in Nairobi to work with the Ministry to fill existing gaps in data which are hampering uploading of some land parcels into the system. Effective deployment of the system will take all of us working together to ensure integrity of records and sustainable land administration and management,” she stated.

The Cabinet Secretary further noted that while the process of system uptake is currently slow, the benefits that will be brought about by the full deployment of Ardhisasa will outweigh the cost and the marginal inconvenience experienced, adding that the system will rid the lands sector of cartels and fraudsters.

“Kenyans are happy with the system because it has provided a convenient, transparent, and effective mode of conducting land transactions. You do not need middlemen or contacts in the Ministry to buy or sell your property in Nairobi because you can carry out the transactions on your own at the comfort of your home or office, using your computer or phone. This is the transformation that we seek to replicate to the rest of the country by December next year,” stated CS Karoney.

The Cabinet Secretary also congratulated Ministry officials for their dedication and commitment in ensuring the system works smoothly, adding that the change being effected in the lands sector is not just for the benefit of this generation but generations to come.

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