Notice on Land Title Conversion (Batch F)

PURSUANT to regulation 4 (4) of the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017, the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, having received from the Registrar conversion list and cadastral maps in respect of Nairobi Land Registration Unit, hereby notifies the general public that land reference numbers specified in the first column of the Schedule have been converted to new parcel numbers, specified in the second column thereof, with corresponding area respectively specified in the third column.

Any person with an interest in land within the registration unit who is aggrieved by the information in the conversion list or the cadastral maps is invited, within the next ninety (90) days from the date of publication of this notice to—

(a) make a complaint, in writing in Form LRA 96 set out in the Second Schedule to the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017, to the Registrar in respect of the information contained in the conversion list and the cadastral maps; or

(b) apply to the Registrar in Form LRA 67 set out in the Sixth Schedule to the Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017 for the registration of a caution pending the clarification or resolution of any complaint.

The conversion lists and cadastral maps can also be accessed from—

(i) Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, Ardhi House, 1st Ngong Avenue, Nairobi

(ii) Department of Surveys (Survey of Kenya), Ruaraka

(iii) Ministry website:

All transactions or dealings relating to parcels affected by the notice shall from the 28th February, 2022 be carried out in the new registers.

  1. Conversion List (Batch F) Gazette Vol. 229 11-11-2021
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