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November 21,2023

The State Department for Lands and Physical Planning has organized public participation forums on proposed amendments on various land legislations.

The regional public participation forums, have been running throughout the week across the country.

On Monday, the forums were held in Nakuru, Kisii and Kitui towns, bringing together the neighbouring counties.

On Tuesday, the forums were held in Nyeri town and Kisumu city.

Some of the proposed amendments are meant to bring a balance between the services provided by the state department and the levies charged.

The proposals also seek the review of land rent after every 10 years.
The Land Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2023 proposes to amend the Registration of Documents Act; The Land Control Act, 2012; Community Land Act,2016;and the Sectional Properties Act,2020.
Regulations under review are the Survey Regulations (Amendment), 2023; The Survey(Electronic Cadastre Transactions)(Amendment) Regulations,2023; The Physical and Land Use Planning( Planning Fees(Amendment) Regulations,2023;The Valuers (Forms and Fees)(Amendment) Rules,2023; The Land Regulations(Amendment),2023.

Members of the public can send their views to before 27th November 2023 for the amendments of the land laws.

The public views shall be presented to parliamentary committees on Land, Delegated legislation and Finance.

Public participation forum in Nakuru on Tuesday

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